Textile Welding

Textile Welding

Structure-flex is committed to innovation, the use of high quality materials, the development of long life reusable products and a focus maximum user safety.

With an of the largest array of High Frequency (HF) welding equipment, hot air welding equipment and industrial sewing equipment, Structure-flex is one of the largest manufactures of products made from industrial textiles in the UK, Europe and, in fact, competes in a number of global markets.

In addition to a significant investment in textile welding and industrial fabric stitching technologies in its UK factory, Structure-flex has also expanded its range of activities to include wide format digital printing.

Providing the addition of high impact digital print graphics to its products means that a complete end to end solution now exists for products such as trailer curtainsiders with matching decals and stitched or HF welded wide format banners.

Also offering an additional service to businesses seeking contract textile welding in the UK or signs companies seeking trade supply of wide format digitally printed materials.

Structure-flex works with numerous materials including PVC, Vinyl Coated Fabrics, Vinyl laminated products, Urethane Coated fabrics, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, as well as many other performance textiles. Applications include various forms of protective covers, containment of gas, liquids and packaging of dry bulk powders, as well personal protective equipment.

At the heart of Structure-flex is its aim to make products that perform better and last longer, thereby delivering greater lifetime value. Whether it is for the commercial transport sector, oil and gas industry, renewable energy market, agriculture, marketing services or extreme sports, Structure-flex are fabric welding specialists.

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